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Cognitive Flight Control System

The Cognitive Flight Control System(CFCS) serves as the cornerstone of Volar’s aviation capabilities. This state-of-the-art system is fully integrated with central Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems, as well as satellite networks and architectural surveillance, thereby guaranteeing unparalleled flight stability.

Representing a pinnacle of aerospace engineering, this intricate system harmonises the aerodynamic principles of both fixed-wing aircraft and multi-axis unmanned aerial vehicles. The versatility inherent in this advanced control system enables a myriad of control configurations, optimising flight efficacy. As a result, passengers experience the apex of comfort and in-flight
entertainment options.

Combined with BAMS’ Intelligence´╗┐ Dynamic Optimization Tester (IDOT), aircraft can independently analyze various degrees of freedom under different environmental conditions and adjust the flight state through deep learning. With a continuously optimized flight control system, we aim to enhance flight safety and provide a superior flying experience.

Providing you with the best data, analysis and diverse testing environment which is fully customisable for your aircraft


Staged Analysis


Accommodating various aircraft models & sizes

Deep Learning Iteration

Finding the best control method for each aircraft

Multi-Model Verification

  • Adapt to different models and sizes

Simulation / Analysis

  • Environmental simulation
  • Data analysis
  • Collect flight attitude data
  • Monitor aircraft performance

Robust Structure

  • Capable of withstanding the various forces and pressures
  • Damping shock absorbers
  • Sturdy and durable structural design

Flight Control Testing

  • Performance validation
  • Safety testing

Configured for your requirements