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Cognitive Flight Control System

With the development of the aviation industry and the rise of technological innovation, the dream of human flight has become a reality. As we continuously advance key propulsion technologies for aircraft, BAMS has also made progress in the field of intelligent Cognitive Flight Control Systems. By combining artificial intelligence with precise computational capabilities to enhance the functionality of aircraft flight control systems and incorporating multidirectional testing platforms, we achieve performance validation.

These cutting-edge technologies empower us to push the boundaries of what’s possible in aviation. Artificial intelligence allows us to create systems that can think, learn, and adapt, enabling real-time decision-making based on data and experience.


Adaptive Electric Propulsion System

BAMS specialises in crafting integrated concealed propulsion systems for aircraft. These customised and engineered vector-distributed electric propulsion systems adapt to varying airflow conditions during flight, achieving autonomous balance and enabling aircraft to achieve a range of flight attitudes. Simultaneously, they minimise spatial requirements and significantly enhance the capability to navigate complex environments.

This innovative design ensures that aircraft can move efficiently and safely within airspace. With an all-electric system configuration with cooling capability and unique noise reduction technology, it reduces the environmental impact of human aviation transportation development.

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