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Indoor Inspection UAV

CAD | Design | Aerodynamics | Sustainability | User Experience  


Limitations of the current inspection and maintenance practices in the metro station.


Indoor UAV design enhances efficiency and accuracy in maintenance and inspection, utilising ducted propulsion

The project background highlights the challenges and limitations of the current inspection and maintenance practices in the metro system, which are time-consuming, require significant human resources, and are limited by the inspector's perspective. For instance, for train maintenance and inspection, each train has up to seventy-four inspection points, and each inspection category has around 750-1500 items, which require multiple personnel to complete. The track inspection was done through manual walking inspection, with a weekly completion of the entire track, including rails, fasteners, base plates, and turnouts.


The hidden propulsion system for short indoor UAVs provides a significant value proposition by improving safety during flight. The system eliminates the risk of accidental propeller contact, improves manoeuvrability in tight spaces, and reduces noise pollution, making it an ideal solution for indoor inspections and surveillance.

Screenshot 2023-02-26 183320_edited.png
Screenshot 2023-02-26 184647_edited.png
Screenshot 2023-02-26 184630_edited.png
Screenshot 2023-02-26 182525_edited.png

Client Profile                                                                                            

Droxo is a technology startup specialising in unmanned aerial vehicles. The company focused on the low-threshold agricultural drone market in the early stages and achieved considerable success. They continue to respond to customer needs by integrating various sensing devices, mechanical designs, and automation functions in their research and development.

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