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Octopi Drone

CAD | Design | | Visualisation


Ensures the product is aligned with the company's brand identity and conveys a strong market message


BAMS completed a CAD model, and APEX built the physical prototype.


Design an aerodynamic fairing for the OHT to reduce air vortex and improve yield rate.


Design drag-reducing, energy-saving, and consistent design language across MIRLE’s products.


BAMS played a pivotal role in enhancing the branding and marketing value of the Octopi, a new product developed by APEX Aerospace in partnership with CJCU. Our team helped design the exterior of the octocopter drone and the logo for the new UAV brand, ensuring that the product aligned with the company's brand identity and conveyed a strong market message. With our expertise in design and branding, we have helped APEX Aerospace position the Octopi as a high-quality, reliable, and innovative product in the competitive drone market, giving them a strong advantage in attracting new customers and building their brand reputation.

BAMS elevated the branding of the Octopi, a new UAV developed by APEX Aerospace and CJCU. Our team designed the drone's exterior and logo to align with the brand identity, conveying a compelling message that positioned the product as innovative and high-quality, giving them a competitive edge.

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                                                               - Tim Hsaio (Industrial Designer)


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