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Why Choose Us?

As a consultancy we are extremely driven to provide the most suitable solution that is considered across all the different domains that it might encapsulate. Our process workflow is informed by both form and function equally, thereby continuing our trend of creating meaningful experiences.


Everything that we do is done at an incredibly high level and is at a consistent standard across the range of team members that we have. Our workflow is client centric which means that you and your requirements are our number one objective.


Within our process we effectively use advanced simulations to test and develop the next generation of product that you may be looking for. It is not a process that has been made independent of our other processes, which means that it offers a more consolidated approach with a far better consideration for functional design from the get-go. Our teams work closely to achieve a common goal in order to unlock the full potential of our development process.

Our services are quantified across three editable packages that we offer ; each client is a new relationship that we aim to foster, therefore these basic package structures can change depending on the overall scope of the project and the requirement from you. Our ability to keep adding more value to the end result creates a synergetic association that helps continue building our repertoire.




The first level is akin to the name, where we work with you to ascertain where we can add value to your product, product range or
strategy. We do this by being able to swiftly skim across these areas using a faster and more critical process across our domains that
helps discover and validate needs, requirements or problems that we can solve.
We utilise a standard level of Design - led development to build project relevant ideations in this phase that can give a potential
overview of where the vision may lead to.

Team Strength : 1-3 members, 1 Team Lead


Deep Dive

Our deep dive package is the most advanced format of development that we offer , which entails services from both prior packages but
it to a level which is pre-manufacture in the whole process. We take the project through comprehensive phases in Research and
Analysis, Design and Development, Optimisation and Validation and ultimately Final Outlook.

Team Strength : 3-5 members, 1 Project Lead, 1 Relationship Manager



At this stage we include stage 01 procedures but are able to dive further which will result in the showcase of potential directions backed
by requisite research phases across relevant target groups and market analysis. We couple that with an intermediate level of
engineering analysis as per the requirement (ex. Aerodynamic, Structural, Manufacturing) that gives credibility to the proposed
We are able to provide a limited advanced level of design led visualisation to add credibility towards the final output and dictate the
reasoning and logic by functional research backed decisions.

Team Strength : 2-4 members, 1 Project Lead



Our final package is catered to our clients that would like to be able to take the process through from pen and paper all the way upto
prototyping. Our collective expertise in domains of advanced composites and manufacturing build the physical visualisation for the final
result that serves as an immense representation of the overall result.

Team Strength : 4-6 members, 1 Project Lead, 1 Relationship Manager


We excel at utilizing a forward-thinking approach that transforms design into more than just an art form. At our core, we design and vision-led with the ability to inform those domains with a strong foundation in Fluid Dynamics, Structural Analysis and furthermore technical background in Mechanical and Electrical engineering.


Our team comprises highly skilled professionals from renowned institutions such as the Royal College of Art, Imperial College London, and Coventry University in the UK, as well as NTU and NCKU in Taiwan. With over a decade of experience, we have successfully executed numerous projects in the field of intelligent mobility, automotive and product design, as well as mechanical and aerospace engineering.

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