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Industrial Design | CAD | Visualisation


Our team created passenger products that embody the unique characteristics of a rising mobility brand in emerging markets.


Vision and CAD data for three luggage types uniquely designed to fit inside the vehicles luggage zone.

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Bellwether industries saw a requirement for some specially designed luggage to suit their volar EVTOl. we studied the use case, payload availability and the special requirements to present three options for 3 types of journey. We then developed designs from sketch into visualisation ready data, which was then used for various promotional content.

luggage sketch.jpg
hand bag orange.png

Hand Luggage

golf bag blue 2.png


Bag Silver.png


Client Profile                                                                                            

Bellwether's volar solution is designed for anyone to fly from Anywhere to Any point at Any time, breaking the limit to provide one-call-away transportation and to realise the true meaning of urban air mobility.

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