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Volar - Oryx Aerodynamic Development

Aerodynamics | Control Systems | Powertrain


Building on the principles from Bellwether's previous Volar 'Antelope' to further develop the principles of lifting body alongside the design team


Advanced lifting body design supporting lift to drag efficiency suitable for this stage of development

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When commencing the development of Bellwether's third generation of volar we discussed how we can take principles which were initiated with their second generation volar. Through numerous studies we worked with their design team to develop these ideas into a functional efficient wingless lifting body

Client Profile                                                                                            

Bellwether's volar solution is designed for anyone to fly from Anywhere to Any point at Any time, breaking the limit to provide one-call-away transportation and to realise the true meaning of urban air mobility.


ORYX proves flying isnt limited by a large wingspan, the highly complex airflow over the vehicle requires a unique perspective to resolve and improve. This was a challenge unlike anything else but one we are glad to put our minds to and continue.                                                               

- Daljit Dhanabal (Aerospace Engineer)

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