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Volar Interior Design

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Converting Bellwether's Antelope Volar from single seat into a tandem configuration


A well resolved package adjustment and interior design with a CAD data package for visualisation and concept model making

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Originally designed for single occupancy, 'Antelope' was Bellwether's second generation Volar. through some of their development it was realised we could increase this occupancy and widen the range of abilities for their vehicle. We began by reviewing the vehicle packaging and sought to reorientate some components more efficiently without negatively impacting the vehicles centre of gravity. One space had been optimised we began looking into the use case of a rear occupant and what they may require during their flight. From here we designed and developed a CAD data pack for visualisation and concept model manufacture which was then used for their promotional content and testing.


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Bellwether's volar solution is designed for anyone to fly from Anywhere to Any point at Any time, breaking the limit to provide one-call-away transportation and to realise the true meaning of urban air mobility.

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