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Driving Innovation and Success in the Electric Vehicle Industry

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Drive innovative growth by providing new industry insights.


A bespoke project providing insights into the latest trends and strategies in the global electric vehicle market.

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As the electric vehicle industry rapidly evolves, established hardware manufacturers face significant challenges related to zero carbon emission policies, emerging technology trends, and new industry players. Our UK-Taiwan based team provides valuable insights into this dynamic market. We support clients in evaluating various innovation processes, piloting services, and assessing market potential. Our partnership approach ensures that our clients remain at the forefront of the highly competitive electric vehicle industry.

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Client Profile

A global intelligent automation leader, since its founding in 1989 in Taiwan, they have consistently provided stabilised and reliable automation capacity to enhance its corporate clients’ competitiveness significantly. It has invested in developing artificial intelligence, combat intelligence systems, cloud computing, big data, digital twin, and other new technology fields.

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