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Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Vehicle Solution

CAD | Design | Aerodynamics | Sustainability | User Experience | Video | Visualisation


Improves efficiency of STK and reflects brand ethos of the company.


Design a fairing that reduces drag by 52.2%, saves energy, and maintains consistent design language across the clients products.

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The Stocker is our clients flagship product, and the aerodynamic fairing designed in collaboration with BAMS to demonstrate the future of sustainable and energy-efficient intelligent factories. This remarkable partnership highlights BAMS' design and engineering capabilities, which enabled the product to significantly reduce over half of its drag within an intensive timeline.


Our project is to design an aerodynamic fairing for the FOUP Stocker (STK) that minimizes dust generation, maximizes energy efficiency, and enhances the user experience for climbing stairs. The design is future-proof for factories.

Client Profile

A global intelligent automation leader, since its founding in 1989 in Taiwan, they have consistently provided stabilised and reliable automation capacity to enhance its corporate clients’ competitiveness significantly. It has invested in developing artificial intelligence, combat intelligence systems, cloud computing, big data, digital twin, and other new technology fields.

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