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OHT Optimisation for Intelligent Factories

CAD | Design | Aerodynamics | Sustainability | Mobility Innovations


Design an aerodynamic fairing for the OHT to reduce air vortex and improve yield rate.


Design drag-reducing, energy-saving, and consistent design language across MIRLE’s products.

The OHT is the foundation of our clients Semiconductor Intelligent Factory Automation Solutions, showcasing its commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology and driving customer success. In partnership with BAMS, the OHT's aerodynamics and design were optimised over six months through five iterations, resulting in a product that minimises drag and enhances mobility. This solution highlights their forward-thinking approach to delivering innovative solutions for intelligent factories of semiconductors.

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Our team has optimized the aerodynamics of the OHT by designing a fairing that exhibits reliability, durability, and suitability for future factories, showcasing their forward-thinking capabilities.


In our early analysis we understood the challenges and were able to combine many ideas from other industries, which allowed us to develop an unconventional solution for this sector. In the end we were able to provide a well resolved concept which was then developed into the final product.

Tim Hsaio (Industrial Designer) 


Client Profile                                                                                            

A global intelligent automation leader, since its founding in 1989 in Taiwan, they have consistently provided stabilised and reliable automation capacity to enhance its corporate clients’ competitiveness significantly. It has invested in developing artificial intelligence, combat intelligence systems, cloud computing, big data, digital twin, and other new technology fields.

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