Beyond Mobility: Innovating a Sustainable Future

BAMS empowers clients with sustainable advanced technologies & solutions for a smarter, more harmonious world.

In 2013 we began on a journey to develop the most advanced eVTOL aircraft, disrupting the aerospace industry. Our journey led us to curate a team capable of re-imagining an industry which has remained stagnant since its inception over 100 years ago. 7 years later we founded BAMS, where we create bespoke technologies to support our on going development & collaborate with global enterprises to fortify their product offerings and infuse the world with innovative energy.

Bellwether Advanced Mobility Solutions (BAMS) is where research, design and engineering transcend boundaries. Elevating the mobility landscape, we bring you aerospace grade engineering coupled with visionary design.

Seeing the change our methodology and team has been able to drive over the past ten years fuels us to disrupt and empower many adjacent industries and solve challenges from a user and environmental centric perspective. Choose BAMS for a future where innovation knows no limits.

Core Solutions

Adaptive, Electric Propulsion Systems for greater agility and reduced acoustic profiles

BAMS offers tailored propulsion system development designed to align with the unique attributes of the consumer and industry demands. This empowers mobility solutions to pivot with greater agility while enhancing overall efficiency, thereby yielding transportation solutions that are not only safer but also more environmentally sustainable.

Multi-Orientated Flight Testing Platforms, reducing time and increasing accuracy for complex missions

This state-of-the-art mechnansim is fully integrated with central Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems, satellite networks and architectural surveillance, thereby guaranteeing unparalleled flight stability.

This intricate system harmonises the aerodynamic principles of both fixed-wing aircraft and multi-axis unmanned aerial vehicles.


Team & partnerships


Committed to Sustainability

Sustainable Intelligence involves questioning traditional methods and redesigning solutions from the ground up with environmental considerations. In practical terms, it means re-evaluating every aspect of a process or product to find the most sustainable materials, methods, and designs.

By assessing the entire lifecycle of a product or system, we ensure its resilience and longevity, future-proofing it against evolving needs. This methodology helps your business and product offerings better align with government level goals and targets.

  • Ecology Centric
  • Human Centric
  • Sustainability Centric

Inlet design for Bellwether Industries Cutting edge EVTOL Aircraft, Debuted at the 2023 Dubai Air Show

Bellwether Industries have been developing their Hidden Propulsion Platform, utilising our propulsion system ‘AEPS’. Further to our ongoing collaboration the team at Bellwether enlisted our expertise to develop a one of a kind eVTOL inlet for hidden propulsion

Using Fluid Dynamics to Reduce Carbon Emissions in Automated Factories

BAMS leverages its expertise in fluid dynamics to conduct airflow simulations of customers’ products to identify pain points. Subsequently, we designed aerodynamic fairings for OHT and STK to reduce the generation of air turbulence and aerodynamic resistance during high-speed transportation during production

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