Join a vibrant community where innovation and creativity flourish, weaving a tapestry of warmth as we collectively strive for a cleaner, sustainable future.

Who Are We Looking for

We are looking for motivated self starters with a passion for the future. We firmly believe that every team member is a key contributor and a source of inspiration for our success. Our goal is to create an inclusive environment that encourages and supports our members to fully unleash their potential and maintain their passion

  • Innovation & Problem Solving 
  • Communication Skills 
  • Teamwork & Collaboration 
  • Analytical Thinking  Technical Skills 
  • Passion
  • Determination 
  • Respect 
  • Responsibility 
  • Trustworthy

Welcoming talented individuals from diverse backgrounds

Tim Hsiao

Manager of Design Engineering

I've had the privilege of encountering a diverse array of opportunities that have significantly contributed to my professional development. These experiences not only provided valuable insights but also presented me with novel challenges, pushing me to stretch beyond my comfort zone and continually expand my skill set. This dynamic environment has been instrumental in shaping my growth.

Do Van Dong


"It's more than just a job – it's like being part of a big, innovative family. The dynamic work environment here has really boosted my professional growth. We're not just creating solutions; we're shaping the future, and that's something to be proud of. Every day feels like a new chance to learn, grow, and make a real impact in the world."


We champion our transformative power through connections, collaborations, bonds, and shared visions. We believe in creating a collective force, which cultivates a culture that not only values individual contributions but thrives on our collective strength to make a lasting impact on the world.


We have created a culture which encourages and challenges our team to learn and evolve. It’s about growing together, through hands-on projects and research, we make sure our team’s skills and capabilities are always expanding. Everyone is encouraged to grow, learn, and contribute innovation.


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