(Taiwan) Avionics Engineer

(Taiwan) Avionics Engineer

Application Info​

  • Location: Tainan, 9 hours per workday including 1 hour lunch break
  • Job Type: Full-time Position
  • Salary: Negotiable

What Your Job Will Be Like

    We are looking for a motivated person who believes what we are trying to achieve will come to pass and continues to learn by trial and error to join our diverse and innovative development.

    Our ideal candidate will be in a cross-functional role that requires supportive collaboration and development with projects between different teams within and outside the company.

    You will be an imperative  figure in the team to participate or in charge of our product development from concept to prototyping, and deploying engineering knowledge and a lateral thinking approach to create from scratch. It is aiming to set  the research foundation for the programmes.

     You Will Need To:

    1. Research about various Avionics Systems and electrical propulsion systems of eVTOL.
    2. Development of Electrical Circuits & Wiring System on eVTOL Electrical System and Optimization of the system.
    3. Developing Avionics Architecture for eVTOL vehicles and modeling Numerical & Programming codes for various Systems.
    4. Assist in coordinating and executing our R&D roadmap, and the maintenance of each project research database.
    5. Close cooperation with the R&D team and organize relevant technical development communications with partners and suppliers.
    6. Collaborate across departments to create an ideal working atmosphere and corporate culture.

    Qualifications We Require

    1. Educational Qualifications: Bachelor / Master Degree in Aerospace / Aeronautics / Avionics / Electrical & Electronics / Mechanical / Robotics / Mechatronics / Control Engineering.
    2. Familiar with the structure and principles of electrical motors.
    3. Familiar with the principles of the MCU(motor control unit) or ESC(electronic speed controller).
    4. Hands-on experience with handling Electrical / Electronic Hardware.
    5. Ability to understand the complex level of Electrical Circuits / Wirings of Aerial vehicles and various elements of Aerospace Engineering.
    6. Ability to develop and analyze the Avionics of VTOL vehicles.
    7. The ability to multi-task and effectively prioritize in a fast-paced and challenging environment.
    8. With a teamwork attitude and a detail-oriented organized mindset.

    Qualifications We Preferred

    1. Prior Experience in engineering Drones/UAVs/eVTOL vehicles.
    2. Experienced in drone operations.

    What We Offer

    1. Flexible working hours and modes.
    2. ANSYS training courses.
    3. Attend international events and forums.
    4. Opportunity for advancement and promotion and Foster diverse career development.
    5. Opportunity to liaise and network with the startup ecosystem.

    We create a workspace for our employees to work in an agile and positive environment, having self-growth opportunities from challenging work and harmonious competition. We believe that every effort an employee makes is worthy to have a flexible, equal, and unlimited growth possibility in the company, so we support any individual to develop better altogether.

    As an engineer in Bellwether, you will be the one involved in our advanced development projects to deliver stunning innovation solutions, and share reputation and networks globally in the relevant industries with the company.

    Please email your CV and portfolio to the address below, and let us know why do you want to join  us:


    This position is a great fit if you are interested in advanced product development and international collaborative projects. Looking forward to your passionate onboarding.

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