Cognitive Flight Control System (CFCS)

The Cognitive Flight Control System(CFCS) serves as the cornerstone of our aviation offering. This state-of-the-art system is fully integrated with central Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems, as well as satellite networks and architectural surveillance, thereby guaranteeing unparalleled flight stability.

Representing a pinnacle of aerospace engineering, this intricate system harmonises the aerodynamic principles of both fixed-wing aircraft and multi-axis unmanned aerial vehicles. The versatility inherent in this advanced control system enables a myriad of control configurations, optimising flight efficacy. As a result, saving you time and money in optimising the performance of your aerial vehicle

Flexible Flight Control Development

Building upon BAMS’s excellent control system development skills, we will integrate the tuning results to optimise the simulation model through deep learning. With increasingly accurate simulation models, we can customise the flight control system for each drone and enhance its performance, even when we don’t have the physical drone on hand.


Time Savings

  1. Save a remarkable 30% of your tuning time and experience the added benefit of tuning in a genuinely safe condition, putting your drone’s safety at the forefront.
  2. Effortless fine-tuning for ‘each degree of freedom.’


More Accurate Tuning

  1. Elevated data precision with sensor bearings capturing accurate information on rotating speed and angle.
  2. Acquiring truly precise data compared to the data from the flight controller- creating a more efficient & more accurate tuning process.


Strong & Low

Magnetic Permeability Construction

  1. Precise gyro control, thanks to negligible magnetic permeability.
  2. Three times the strength compared to aluminium tubes.
  3. Ensuring just a 4-8% deviation from real free flight performance.

5 Degrees of Freedom

  1. Able to accommodate a wide range of drone sizes and typologies.
  2. Two additional Degrees of Freedom compared with traditional systems.

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